Ann Marie Amico

Ann Marie Amico, Team Leader
Brand Strategy and Development, Marketing Strategy, Graphic Design, Community Engagement, Survey Development, Economic Development Marketing

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From Ann Marie:

I was active in the Chamber of Commerce for over twenty years, serving as both chairman of the board and interim director, which led to my involvement in the local economic development commission and downtown revitalization program. During that time I was able to use my branding, design and marketing skills to further those organizations. I learned the value of the Main Street Four Point Approach® in economic development. Through that involvement and membership in several other business organizations, I’ve become experienced with the issues and pressures that businesses, organizations and small communities face as they attempt to distinguish themselves in the marketplace. I’ve learned to ask questions that help clients identify their most distinctive features and take pride in the assets they discover. I’ve had experience in bringing diverse groups to consensus around an idea, symbol or strategy and guided them to develop a movement to enthusiastically support their brand. I’ve helped them describe the intangible qualities they feel in their hearts and turn those feelings into words and images that let the world know how they stand out. Successful branding plays a vital role in bringing people together. A sound process helps in providing clarity, focusing actions and instilling pride—its impact is much bigger than merely having a new logo to display. It can result in a revitalized community. When used consistently over the long term, it plays a role in building a sustainable local economy.