There’s no doubt that creating and sustaining a vibrant brand for your town has long-term benefits. Increased pride and polish can result in increased engagement of business owners and residents. It can help boost sponsorship development. And it can help contribute to a sustainable economy for your community.

There’s an important element to consider as you begin a branding initiative in your small town. Engaging your citizens and business owners in the beginning of the process is fundamental. Their input and buy-in will help create brand ambassadors that will do more for your efforts than any expensive media campaign.

In general, small town budgets don’t allow for spending on marketing and advertising in the way that larger municipalities and states can. It’s very important that residents and business owners are ambassadors for the town’s brand. Every interaction they have with visitors reinforces and sustains the brand. It’s more effective than anything money can buy.

They must be engaged in the process of identifying and creating the brand in order to be engaged and enthused. Take the time to solicit and consider their input and you will create an authentic, sustainable brand.