Taking some time to evaluate your organization’s current logo can have the added benefit of clarifying your message, energizing your staff and re-engaging your supporters. In order to determine whether or not you need to recreate your identity, answer the following questions:

1. Determine the value of what you are currently using.
How and where is your logo being used? How long have you been using it? Does it have strong recognition in the community? Is that recognition positive or negative? Have you tested it?

2. Can you bring new life to it with a little tweaking?
Is the concept behind your logo strong and does it accurately represent your organization? If so, can it be updated by using new fonts or color? Perhaps a subtle addition (or reduction)? There is huge value in an established brand, if it is positive.

3. If you decide that it needs to be replaced, are there elements of the old logo that should be preserved or incorporated in a new mark?
Is there something about your current logo that is fundamental to your brand? Is there a way to bring that into the new mark?

4. In how many ways and places will this new mark need to be updated?
This is a big part of deciding whether or not to revamp or recreate your logo. You don’t want former versions of your identity to compete with the new logo. Is it possible for you to change what is in place in a timely and affordable way?

5. Does your budget support this initiative?
Creating a new identity system is a significant investment. When necessary, it’s a worthwhile investment, but you have to be realistic about when and how you start the project.

6. If the project needs to be broken down into phases, how would that be accomplished?
Depending on how many different ways and places your identity is on display, can you develop a timeline for implementation that is realistic and affordable? Again, you don’t want older versions of your identity competing with you new identity and causing confusion for staff, clients, supporters or the general public. You will need to complete a methodical assessment to determine how to break your project down into phases.

7. If you decide to change your identity, how can you use the process to increase awareness of your organization in the community?
A rebranding initiative is an excellent way to build awareness of you mission and message. How will you engage the public, staff, clients and supporters in this project? How will you tell the story of your rebranding and your organization? What tools will you use to get the story out?

Your logo is only one part of your organization’s brand, but it’s an important part. A mark that you can use proudly to represent your organization and it’s mission is an important rallying tool for both staff and supporters. When you have a logo you are proud to use, you have a flag you can waive to draw attention to your mission. It’s a tool in your brand to help you tell your story.