Celebrate Fuquay-Varina!

There’s a lot to celebrate in this growing southern town. The people are incredibly friendly. They are unusually committed to supporting the huge variety of non-profit initiatives in the community. The town has a lively arts community, a thriving craft beer industry, a variety of traditional and ethnic restaurants and a unique retail mix. All that and an excellent park system and active parks and recreation department make this an ideal town for active people of any age or background.

Civic and town leaders have come together to create a variety of festivals and events that allow residents to mingle and remember why they choose to live in Fuquay-Varina. Amico Brand Design worked with the town manager and public information officer to rebrand a festival formerly known as Celebration of the Outdoors. The intention of the revised celebration was to recognize the town’s distinctive name and two historic downtowns. The logo was designed to highlight the festival atmosphere, be optimistic and celebratory and to support the new brand of the town.  The logo is dynamic, friendly and positive, just like the town.


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March 15, 2015