Overview: Two partners in an established consulting firm came to the conclusion that their existing brand did not reflect the evolution that had taken place in their business. They wanted to start from scratch to build a brand that was accurate.

The Challenge: The partners combined two words in complete opposition to each other to create the moniker for the new business. In addition, the partners had very different styles and aesthetic sensibilities. And to make it even more complicated, each partner focused on a different target market. In essence, there were two companies working under the umbrella of FlowDynamix.

Point of Distinction: The unique backgrounds of the partners are their point of distinction. The combined career experience of the partners positions them to be excellent advisors to their clients.

Articulating the Brand: The brand must reinforce the core philosophy of the business—the idea that having a life that moves easily in the direction of a person’s goals requires dynamic action on the part of that individual to create the life they envision. Every interaction that clients and potential clients have with this business needs to support that idea.

The Process: To begin the reimagination of this business, formerly known as Priority Ventures Group, the partners worked with a naming consultant. After they had agreed upon their new business name, they worked with Amico Brand Design to design a brand around the name and company mission and vision.

After several meetings with the partners, a focus group was formed. The group was composed of clients, people that fell in the target market and business owners. Three identity concepts and web site designs were shown to the focus group and their feedback was recorded. Based on that feedback, a final concept was selected by the partners and some adjustments were made to that concept.

The identity of the business is reflected in every communication that the business has with the public. The partners are careful to evaluate the impact of each new project on the established brand and tailor delivery of each new product to support the vision.


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March 15, 2015