NC Sierra Club

Overview: The North Carolina Sierra Club wanted to rebrand its state-wide newspaper and move the identity from something like an academic paper to something that looked and read more like a newspaper.

The Challenge: The newsletter had been produced by a group of volunteers with academic backgrounds. The articles were very long and there were few images in the publication. It felt gray and uninviting. The majority of Sierra Club supporters are not used to lengthy academic articles and were not reading the paper as thoroughly as was hoped.

Point of Distinction: The paper was full of important ideas regarding conservation in the state of North Carolina. Fabulous photography, taken by Sierra Club volunteers, was often available to supplement the articles.

Articulating the Brand: The masthead was redesigned to have a more contemporary feel, while incorporating the National Sierra Club logo. Articles were edited to be much more concise. Large photographs were included to peak interest in the reader. Style sheets were used to create visual consistency in the articles in the paper.


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March 15, 2015