Teen Day

Overview: The police department and Town of Fuquay-Varina wanted to create a day-long event to teach teen drivers and pre-teen potential drivers the consequences of distracted driving. They wanted the event to have a feeling of fun at the same time being perceived as an event designed to educate.

The Challenge: Attracting teenagers to an event like this requires a different approach than one used for adults. Creating an expectation for the event of a fun yet serious approach to learning meant listening to teenagers about what they enjoyed and how they made decisions about where to spend their time and attention.

Point of Distinction: There has not been an event similar to this in Southern Wake County. The focus on fun while learning encourages a variety of activities that engage teenagers. Peddle karts that teens can drive while wearing goggles that simulate a drunk-driving experience make this a unique event.

Articulating the Brand: The brand is vibrant, polished and smart. The attitude behind the event is that teenagers want to be wiser drivers and make smart choices.

The Process: To begin the process, Ann Marie Amico and the public information officer for the town organized a focus group at the local high school. The students provided feedback on the look and feel of various marketing concepts. After the meeting, their feedback was used in the development of the identity and collateral that was used to build the TeenDay brand.

The resulting TeenDay logo uses vibrant, optimistic color and features the wisdom knot symbol. The tag line is simpleā€”Be a Wiser Driver. The brand reinforces the message that teen drivers are capable of being wise drivers and that every driver makes choices with consequences each time they get behind the wheel.


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March 15, 2015